What is Cold-Pressed and is it Actually Better for You?

We’ve all heard the buzz words flying around the health communities, like “cold-pressed,” “raw,” “living enzymes,” and so forth. Are these simply taglines, or is there another reason why they’re blowing up the internet? What exactly does cold-pressed mean and is it important? Well, yes.

There are two common ways of making juice: centrifugal and cold-pressed. Centrifugal juicing uses high speed to crush vegetables and fruits through a mesh screen. While quicker than cold-pressed, this method creates high temperature friction and oxidation damage to the produce, destroying some of the health properties in the process. Cold-pressed juicing is a slower, but more rewarding method of extracting liquid from vegetables and fruits. Cold-pressing uses a hydraulic press to squeeze every ounce of liquid from the produce, keeping its health-giving properties intact, and producing a raw and unpasteurized juice– the best kind for your body. Because cold-pressing does not use heat, none of the vital minerals in the vegetables and fruits are denatured; all of the delicate nutrients and living enzymes are preserved. Cold-pressing creates a totally raw, fresh juice that only lasts up to 4 days. Using a cold-press machine extracts the most juice from yow-yielding greens such as parsley, kale, and dandelion. There is less waste than any other form of extraction. As it is the slowest method of extracting juice, the process requires patience. So when you drink cold-pressed juice, you are drinking something of the finest quality that was created by someone who cares a lot. And that feels good.

Now, there are some cautionary things to look out for when choosing your cold-pressed juice. Not all companies have the patience and commitment to provide absolutely fresh and raw products. Even if a juice says “cold-pressed” on the bottle, make sure you look for the words “no HPP” as well. HPP stands for “high pressure processing,” and though it does not use heat– like traditional pasteurization– it does mean the juice is not considered fresh and raw and has been altered to extend shelf life. HPP extends a juice’s shelf life, but most vital nutrients and enzymes do not live longer than a few days, so you are losing a lot of the nutrient value anyway. Antioxidant, enzymes, and nutrients degrade the longer a juice is allowed to sit. HPP does not ‘lock in’ the nutrients–that is simply a marketing line. What you have to remember is: the vitamins and enzymes in fresh vegetables and fruits are LIVING nutrients and no amount of special treating or processing will keep them alive and fresh. The best way is to consume them is in their vital integral form: raw. The FDA does not require companies to disclaim on their label if they use HPP, so always look for a bottle that specifically says “no HPP.” Any juice sold for wholesale is going to be pasteurized, as the FDA requires it. It can take a store bought juice anywhere from six to twelve months to get from the actual ‘juicing,’ to pasteurization, to being on the shelf. Even if it has the words “all-natural” on it, this does not mean it is fresh. A juice that lasts longer than 4 days has been treated with HPP, pasteurization, or added preservatives to make it last.

So in conclusion. Cold-pressed juice is more nutrient dense than centrifugal juice. BUT not all cold-pressed juice is raw and fresh. Look for juice that is cold-pressed, HPP free, and has an expiry date of around 4 days since being pressed– this means your juice is as fresh and raw as possible, and will deliver your body all the goodness mother nature intended it to! If you are going to drink cold-pressed juice, and pay good money for it, be sure you are getting the maximum benefits for your body and mind. At The Juice Shop we believe in the integrity of fresh, raw, organic produce. We believe in taking our time, not cutting corners, and creating our products by hand with no preservatives or treatment. We use the finest cold-press machine to make our juices, and press fresh every day. We never press in excess and never have wasted product. We press what we need every day, because we know you want (and deserve!) the freshest juice possible! Using HPP never even crossed our minds. We have a commitment to ourselves and you to create products that are guaranteed to be fresh, raw, vitally healthy, and of course, tasty! You will feel the difference.








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