Spring Detox Diets, Explained

The road to wellness is a journey, and like all undertakings, it is subject to the demands of time and place. On March 20th, Spring will have officially arrived (let’s hope the warmer weather too)! The dawning of Spring brings about a frenzy of change; trees will turn over new leaves, flowers will start blooming, animals that have been asleep all winter will wake up and enjoy the abundance of food, and babies will be born. With the heaviness of winter eased away, it is a perfect time to rejuvenate the body by flushing the toxins built up through the food and habits of the previous season. As Spring awakens a new natural cycle within the earth, so too should your body begin a new cycle.


Why a detox diet is a good idea:
Detoxification is a constant bodily process, however, too many toxic substances can build up in the body and threaten the system with imbalance. All kinds of contaminants and pollution that one may have been exposed to in the environment or from processed foods block the body’s systems and hinder it from efficiently ridding itself of these toxins. The organs in charge of excreting waste then become taxed and vulnerable, and thus, diseases like cancer are more able to infiltrate. Common symptoms of toxic build up are fatigue, skin ailments, muscle pains, indigestion, or even bad breath. These symptoms are indicative that the vital organs in the body are not functioning at optimum levels, and it may be appropriate for you to undertake a detox diet to restore balance to your system, increase energy levels, and improve overall bodily health. It is essential to clean the body from time to time to increase vitality, and a detox diet will do just that.

Getting Started
When undergoing a detox, it is advisable to ingest only organic food, to avoid further toxins. Generous helpings of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, and drinking a lot of water to hydrate the body is all beneficial. Supplements can also be added to assist in the detoxifying process. There are certain foods that must be avoided during a detox, as they do not assist or contribute in any way to the goal of your detox. Always avoid drugs or smoking tobacco, eating processed or refined food, and cut back on coffee and alcohol. Try to avoid or reduce stress since detox diets are holistic in approach and any changes in lifestyle can significantly alter the goals of a detox diet: to cleanse and rejuvenate. Be prepared to rest more than usual and get at least 7 hours of sleep per night during your diet to allow your body to detoxify itself with ease. A detox diet is the perfect time to catch up on some reading, meditation, journaling, take baths, or whatever peaceful activity is relaxing for you.

Detox diets to choose from
The primary essence of a detox diet is to assist in the body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxin build up. Avoiding and eliminating certain foods and factors that contain potentially harmful substances is a common thread that runs in all detox diets. Food intake is controlled, from small meals to full juice fasts. Below are 5 Spring detox diets we recommend choosing from:

1)      Lemon Detox Diet– This diet was invented by Stanley Burroughs 60 years ago. Also known as the Master Cleanse, it consists of taking lemon juice, pure organic maple syrup, pure water, and cayenne pepper for a period no less than 10 days. If you wish to practice this regimen, be prepared for frequent visits to the toilet.

2)      The Fruit Flush Detox Diet– According to its creator, Jay Robb, washing excess weight and toxins off in three days is possible by eating only one natural food group: fruits! This three-day plan requires a specific amount of fruit taken every 2 hours to maximise the system while keeping blood sugar levels stable.

3)      The Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet: Traced to the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine, this program eliminates all acidic food to help the body eliminate toxin build up. It supposedly alters the body’s PH balance to its ideal alkaline state.

4)      Colon Detox Diet: Constipation is a sign of an overloaded colon that needs to be addressed immediately. This detox regime may take about 7-10 days and involves any combination of the following methods: drinking lots of freshly juiced vegetables, water and soup, using an enema or laxative. Like any other diet, excess can lead to electrolyte imbalance. The benefits of this diet promise improved energy levels and healthy immune system.

5)      The Raw Food Detox Diet: Created by nutritionist Natalia Rose, this program allows for flexibility in making the transition to consuming raw food at the participant’s own pace. An important aspect of this program is combining food to choose quick exit combinations, leading to improved digestions. A high fruit and vegetable intake is encouraged, but unlike a typical vegan diet, this unique program allows for healthy animal products as well as chocolates, to address the deficiencies commonly encountered in raw vegan diets.


Partaking in a detox diet can really open your eyes to how what you eat affects how you feel. Some amazing side effects of a detox diet include how it can change your perspective on what your optimal health feels like, break any bad eating habits you may have, promote healthy eating habits for the future, and give you a threshold to measure your future toxin build up level against. A detox diet can break the cycle of food cravings that undermine your health, and saturate your body with vital nutrients to give you that fresh Springtime glow! Good health is a gift. Taking care of your body is essential if you want to enjoy life to the fullest. Choosing to initiate healthy practices will allow you to live freely with a beautifully functioning body and healthy immune system. All things considered, when safely undertaking a detox diet, you will be able to welcome Spring with a renewed sense of purpose and live a healthy and happy season!

Like all health practices, a detox diet is not without risk depending on your current health. People who are suffering from certain conditions like anemia or diabetes, or women who are pregnant and lactating should avoid detox diets and consult with their doctor for safer alternatives. Consulting your doctor before going on a detox diet is always a wise decision.

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