What we are all about

We are a 100% Organic shop. We believe in the integrity of living an organic and holistic lifestyle. We believe the words “organic” and “raw” and “fresh” are more than marketing taglines; they are a way of living. Our products are an embodiment of these values and always created freshly for you with the best quality organic ingredients.

The Juice Shop was created and is run by Paola Little, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. This means that all of our products are developed with her expert knowledge in order to be as beneficial as possible for your body and mind. Our juice is freshly pressed every morning without HPP or preservatives, our smoothies and superfood bowls are made to order, and our passion for holistic living is abundant! Not only do we provide you with the highest quality fresh products, we also offer nutritional consults and customized cleanses. We want to create a nutritional program for you that is sustainable and tailored to your individual needs. When you come in to our shop, you are not just walking into any juice shop for a bottle of juice, you are walking into a environment that will care about your individual health needs, support you through a nutritional journey, follow up with you, and always make sure you are feeling your best. This commitment is what makes us unique and what makes us The Juice Shop!


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