Spring Cleaning/Spring Cleansing!

It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning. We focus a lot on cleaning our external environment with house and yard cleanups, and this is fantastic to clear any negative or stale energy and give ourselves a fresh perspective, but what about our internal environment? Why not do a spring clean of our digestive systems to boost our physical health as well? A complimentary internal and external spring cleansing ritual! This time of year a lot of people are thinking about losing a few pounds to get ready for summer time, and a juice cleanse is the perfect way to begin changing any destructive eating habits you may have. I have found that taking the small step of changing my diet for just a few days—like a 3 day juice cleanse—really jump starts my new eating habits for the spring and summer season. A quick cleanse will break the dependence the body has on saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed food, and excessive caffeine or alcohol.

The dawning of spring is the perfect time to start moving towards a higher volume of plant-based foods in your diet, and cutting down on animal-based foods. Not only will a 3 day juice cleanse break the cycle of food cravings that undermine your health, but it will also saturate your body with vital nutrients to give you that fresh springtime glow! Organic, cold-pressed juice is very easily digested by the body, ensuring the vitamins and minerals are absorbed and being put to good use! Fresh cold-pressed juice provides hydration, amino acids, healthy carbohydrates, and a cornucopia of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients. These plant-based phytonutrients from vegetables and fruit are life-giving substances. To obtain the most vibrant health, we should be eating whole foods, with at least 50-75% of those being raw. Eating this way can definitely be tough when we live in a consumer society where processed food is more accessible and cheaper than ever, but it is worth the effort to choose fresh, organic, and whole foods for the maintenance of our health and vitality! Without fresh raw produce, our immune systems are weakened, we become susceptible to various disturbances, leading to illness, disease, feelings of sickness, and fatigue. Luckily for us, summertime is abundant with fresh, delicious produce.

So why not begin now and start planning your spring cleanse? I want you to feel your best this season and help you achieve your springtime goals! Stay tuned for an upcoming post with the details of a Spring detox cleanse!


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